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ordinary agitation tank for bentonite in philippines

texas sodium bentonite - sprinkle method

this does not give the water loss control that either the pure blanket or the mixed blanket techniques do because they assure proper placement of the granular sodium bentonite however the sprinkle method is the best way to control water loss when it is not practical to drain the area to be treated as with the pure blanket

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agitation tanks paddle mixers - colcrete eurodrill

simple mechanical mixing of materials can be achieved in paddle mixing tanks these are vertically mounted cylindrical tanks with a motor drive unit that rotates a vertical shaft to which the mixing paddles are fixed in the colcrete paddle mixer the paddles are pitched to improve material movement and specially shaped to

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high speed dispersion of bentonite - us - silverson machines

stage 1 the vessel is charged with water and the silverson mixer is started creating vigorous in-tank agitation the bentonite is added and rapidly dispersed into the water the high speed rotation of the rotor creates a powerful suction which draws the water and clay up from the base of the vessel into the workhead

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saile industries bentonite

there are different types of bentonite each named after the respective dominant element such as potassium k sodium na calcium ca and aluminium al in common usage this means adding of a soluble sodium salt such as sodium carbonate to wet bentonite mixing well and allowing time for the ion

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product catalogue - keller holding

low pressure colloidal grout mixer / pump units collodial grout mixers contents tunnel grout mixing and pumping system high pressure grout pumps high pressure colloidal grout mixer / pump units bentonite / microtunnel lubrication units colcontroltm coljettm bespoke systems agitation tanks and paddle

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