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hydrocyclone assembly for molybdenum in zambia

national assembly staff act cap zambia legal information

an act to provide for the establishment of the office of the clerk of the national assembly to provide for such other officers in the department of the clerk of the national assembly and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing 20th december

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national assembly powers and privileges act cap 12 zambia

freedom of speech and debate 4 immunity from legal proceedings 5 freedom from arrest 6 exemption from certain services 7 power to exclude strangers 8 evidence of proceedings in assembly or committee not to be given without leave 9 civil process not to be served nor members arrested on civil process within

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un general assembly - president of the 62nd session - paul j f

paul j f lusaka was elected president of the thirty-ninth session of the general assembly mr lusaka has been his country's permanent representative to the united nations since he has also served as president of the united nations council for namibia since mr lusaka was president of the economic and

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secretary-general's remarks to the national assembly of the

feb 24 thank you for your welcome i am proud to be a guest in your beautiful country i am profoundly honoured to be the first united nations secretary-general to address this august parliament and i am deeply grateful for this special session i have come bearing a two-word message to zambia from the world

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zambia freedom house

zambia is a multiparty democracy that holds regular elections however opposition parties face onerous legal and practical obstacles in their operations the government regularly invokes the law to restrict freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrationsparticularly those organized by the oppositionare frequently

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